Yellow Pine Mining Company Railroad

The Yellow Pine Mining Company Railroad
Photograph of miners and Yellow Pine mine buildings, Goodsprings (Nev.), 1900-1925. Squires Collection. UNLV Libraries Special Collections & Archives.
The Yellow Pine Mining Company Railroad
This is a section of the historic railroad berm located behind the Goodsprings Park.

"Built in 1911, The Yellow Pine Mining Company Railroad was a twelve and a half mile long narrow gauge railroad connecting the town of Goodsprings with the Union Pacific Railroad here in Jean. The railroad was built using materials from the defunct Quarter Mine Railroad in Searchlight, Nevada. The Yellow Pine Mining District covered the area around Goodsprings and the Sandy Valley area. The primary ores mined were zinc and lead. Other mines produced gold, silver, platinum, palladium, copper, vanadium, molybdenum, nickel, cobalt and uranium.The district went through several booms and busts and by 1930 the Railroad was out of business. The rails were torn up in 1934 but the right-of-way can still be seen along the road between Jean and Goodsprings."

(Queho Posse Chapter 1919 E Clampus Vitus)

"The Yellow Pine Mining Company opened a narrow-gauge railroad in 1911, to link its mill at Goodsprings to the mines four miles west, and to the main railroad line seven miles east at Jean. The YPRR spurred growth and prosperity before it was dismantled in 1934.

In 1916 Goodsprings was a town of 800, with a major hotel, several saloons and stores, and a newspaper, the Goodsprings Gazette.

This is a small section of the railroad berm that once led to the mill. Other portions can be seen along SR 161 to Jean."

(Clark County Park)

"Yellow Pine Railroad Berm. The berm is located just south of the Goodsprings Park wall. The berm runs east-west. The Yellow Pine narrow gauge railroad carried ore from the Yellow Pine mine to the mill in Goodsprings and then East to the main railhead at Jean a total of 12 1/2 miles. The railroad ran from 1911-1930 transporting over 72,000 tons of ore. The rails were taken up in 1934, but the berm is still visible along much of its route."

(Goodsprings Historical Society Walking Tour Brochure)

Was located in Clark County.