Raul Jusinto

Wynn Kidnapping

Sneak Joint
This structure was located at 2358 Spring Mountain Road. It would later become Sonny's Saloon in the 1980s. The parking lot would become the the Wynn ransom money delivery location in 1993. The structure was demolished in the mid 1990s. Photograph of the Sneak Joint. Lloyd Gill Collection(PH-00306). UNLV Libraries Special Collections & Archives.

On July 26, 1993, the daughter of casino mogul Steve Wynn (2006) was kidnapped from her home and held for ransom by two masked men. The kidnappers ordered Wynn to deliver the ransom money in the Sonny's Saloon parking lot (saloon's original Spring Mountain Road location). Wynn had an employee deliver 1.45 million dollars in cash from the Mirage's casino vault to the kidnappers. In return, the kidnappers revealed the location of Wynn's daughter. Wynn's daughter was found unharmed on the back floor of her car in the McCarran International Airport parking lot. The two kidnappers and an accomplice would later be taken into custody in California and receive prison sentences.

Event Location: 2358 Spring Mountain Road, Paradise, Nevada.

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