Wengert Mansion

Wengert Mansion
Wengert House
Photograph of Cyril and Lottie Wengert's home, Las Vegas (Nev.), 1950 -1969. Wengert Family Collection. UNLV Libraries Special Collections & Archives.

"The Wengert residence was originally owned by Cyril S. and Lottie Wengert. Built in 1938, this Tudor Revival home was designed by Architect, H. Clifford Nordstrom, and was amongst the largest in Las Vegas. Prominent in Las Vegas social and business circles, the Wengerts were pioneers in Las Vegas' early development. Cyril S. Wengert was an incorporator of NV Energy, the State's Largest Utility. He is also the namesake for NV Energy's first building in downtown Las Vegas and for a Las Vegas Elementary School. He and Lottie were integral to the development of many of Las Vegas' civic organizations and the growth of the local Catholic community. Cyril and Lottie raised four children in this home: Shirley, Marilyn, Robert and Ward. Their son, James, died early-on at age 8. They remained in this home until they both passed some 30 years later. Cyril's importance to both the business and civil life of Las Vegas was echoed by the Las Vegas Sun upon his death, "Cyril Wengert is considered one of the leading citizens of Las Vegas". The above aforementioned, qualifies this home for listing on the Las Vegas historic property register."

(Wengert Residence)

From 1938 to 1972, the address was listed as 1001 South Sixth Street, Las Vegas, Nevada. Currently serves as a museum.

Listed on the City of Las Vegas Historic Property Register in 2016.

Located at 600 East Charleston Boulevard, Las Vegas, Nevada.