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TWA Flight 3 Crash

TWA Flight3 Crash Site

Carole Lombard
Carole Lombard (1908-1942).

Bureau of Land Management marker reads:

On January 16th, 1942 TWA flight 3 Crashed into Potosi Mountain Nevada carrying 22 passengers. Among those passengers was American film star Carol Lombard, wife of actor Clark Gable. The actress was returning from a War Bond Tour in the Midwest and the plane a brief refueling stop at the Las Vegas Army Airfield, (now Nellis Air Force Base). The plane took off from Nellis Air Force base in Las Vegas and within 15 minutes the plane was off course by almost seven miles crashing into the vertical cliff on Potosi Mountain killing all on board. Shortly after the crash Clark Gable arrived in Goodsprings. There he waited and mourned at the local saloon while authorities retrieved the remains and belongings of his late wife. It was determined that the cause of the crash was due to an error in the navigational coordinates. Some speculate the pilots used coordinates meant for flying out of the Boulder Airport.

Event Location: Potosi Mountain.