Sunset Park

Sunset Park Ranch Building
The only remaining ranch building in the park.
Aku Aku moai
The moai located at Sunset Park Pond is from the Aku Aku restaurant that was located at the Stardust Resort and Casino from 1960 to 1980. The moai was relocated to Sunset Park in 1988.
Sunset Park Dunes
The Sunset Park Dunes is the only remaining dune field in Paradise, Nevada.

In 1909, John F. Miller (Hotel Nevada) claims ownership of the land. In 1939, the ranch is sold to J. Kell Housells, Sr (Overland Hotel). In 1963, the ranch is acquired by an investment group involving Wilbur Clark (Desert Inn). In 1967, Clark County acquires the land and creates Sunset Park.

Located at 2601 East Sunset Road, Paradise, Nevada.