Searchlight Mine
"DSC_4736" by yankee artillerist is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0.
Searchlight Cemetery
Searchlight Cemetery. Established in 1906. Maps Data: Imagery ©2022 Maxar Technologies, U.S. Geological Survey, USDA Farm Service Agnecy, Map data ©2022.
BV Motel
BV Motel. Built in 1942. Located at 115 Gaviland Street, Searchlight, Nevada.
El Rey Motel
El Rey Motel. Built in 1958. Located at 430 US-95, Searchlight, Nevada.
Searchlight Nugget Casino
Previously operated as Sandy's Club when Warren and Verlie Doing purchased the club in 1967. The Doings opened Searchlight Nugget Casino in 1979. Closed in 2015. Currently operates as a Terrible's Roadhouse. Located at 100 US-95, Searchlight, Nevada. "2" by billy kerr is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0.
George Frederick Colton
George Fredrick Colton (1862-1918).
U.S. Senator Harry Reid
U.S. Senator Harry Reid (1939-2021). Chair of the Nevada Gaming Commission (1977-1981).

Nevada Historical Marker 116 reads:

Initial discoveries of predominately gold ore were first made at this location on May 6, 1897. G.F. Colton filed the first claim, later to become the Duplex Mine. The Quartette Mining Company, formed in 1900, became the mainstay of the Searchlight district, producing almost half of the area’s total output. In May 1902, a 16 mile narrow-gauge railroad was built down the hill to the company’s mill on the Colorado River.

On March 31, 1907, the 23.22 mile Barnwell and Searchlight Railroad connected the town with the then main Santa Fe line from Needles to Mojave. By 1919 trains travelled over the B. and S. Railroad only twice a week. A severe washout on September 23, 1923, halted traffic completely. Train service was never restored.

Searchlight is the birthplace of U.S. Senator Harry Reid [(2001)] (b.1939) who became the first Nevadan to serve as the Senate Majority Leader, a position he assumed in 2007.

Queho Posse Chapter 1919 E Clampus Vitus marker reads:

Gold was discovered near here in 1897. In July 1898, the Searchlight Mining District was organized and in October the post office opened. The boom peaked in 1907 and quickly faded along with the town. But the town never died, instead becoming the home of such luminaries as Edith Head, John MacReady, Rex Bell, Clara Bow, and William Nellis. We dedicate this plaque to Searchlight's pioneer redshirted miners.

Queho Posse Chapter 1919 E Clampus Vitus marker reads:

George Frederick Colton can be considered to be the father of Searchlight. The Searchlight claim made on May 6, 1897 was the earliest claim of importance in what became the Searchlight Mining District. He is also credited with providing the name of the new district. It was either taken from a popular brand of matches, or a reference to the need for a searchlight to find the gold in this region. Colton's Searchlight Claim, New Years Gift Claim later became the Duplex Mine. The Duplex Mine was one of the important mines in the area, along with the larger Quartette Mine. Colton often leased the Duplex to others to work, but he never gave up ownership. The mine continues today in family ownership.

Zulo Echo Six marker reads:

On 3 Aug 1970 a Navy P-3A Orion crashed near here [Searchlight, Nevada] with the loss of all ten crewmen.

LT Timothy D. Bailing PPC LT Norman L. Johnson TACCO LTJG Henry J. McGreevey CP ADJ1 Ambrose Ordonia FE ADJ1 Johnny D. Shelton FE ATN3 Cletus L. Morrison RDO AW3 John D. Maas ASW AW3 John W. Schmitz ASW AW3 Michael A. Silvers ASW AW3 Bruce E. Weaver ASW

Patrol Squadron 17, N.A.S. Barbers Point, Hawaii

Denotes American Gaming Association Hall of Fame year of induction.