Raul Jusinto

P-3A Orion Crash

Navy Orion

Zulo Echo Six marker reads:

On 3 Aug 1970 a Navy P-3A Orion crashed near here [Searchlight, Nevada] with the loss of all ten crewmen.

LT Timothy D. Bailing PPC
LT Norman L. Johnson TACCO
LTJG Henry J. McGreevey CP
ADJ1 Ambrose Ordonia FE
ADJ1 Johnny D. Shelton FE
ATN3 Cletus L. Morrison RDO
AW3 John D. Maas ASW
AW3 John W. Schmitz ASW
AW3 Michael A. Silvers ASW
AW3 Bruce E. Weaver ASW

Patrol Squadron 17, N.A.S. Barbers Point, Hawaii

Event Location: Near Searchlight, Nevada.