Lincoln Elementary School

Lincoln Elementary School
Aerial photograph of Lincoln Elementary School, North Las Vegas, Nevada, circa 1960s-1970s. North Las Vegas Library Collection. UNLV Libraries Special Collections & Archives. Original cropped by The Historic Las Vegas Project.

"On May 13, 1964, First Lieutenant Raynor L. Hebert (1938-1964), a student pilot at Nellis Air Force Base, sacrificed his life in order to spare the lives of hundreds of children in Lincoln School. Lieutenant Hebert chose to ride his plane down in an attempt to guide the crippled aircraft into an uninhabited area rather than ejecting at a safe altitude.

Unfortunately, four persons died with him in the resultant tragedy [crash site: Lenwood Avenue and Salt Lake Avenue]. However many more would have perished had he not diverted his jet fighter. His untimely death remains a monument to the self sacrifice of our U.S. Air Force Airmen."

(Hebert Memorial Park)

Built in 1955. Demolished in 2016.

Was located at 3010 Berg Street, North Las Vegas, Nevada.