Raul Jusinto



Desert Love Buggy
1911 Sears Model K. Made its first appearance at the Helldorado parade in 1939. Final appearance was on September 7, 1994, during the closing of Fremont Street to vehicular traffic.

Las Vegas Centennial Commission marker reads:

Anticipating the end of Hoover Dam construction and the workers that it brought to town, Las Vegas sought other means for economic prosperity. In 1935, led by the Las Vegas Elks Club, the first Helldorado celebration took place. This event became a four-day celebration, taking place every May. Helldorado featured parades down Fremont Street, rodeos, carnivals, frontier-style clothing, beard-growing contest, and a "Kangaroo Kourt". Helldorado created a "Wild West" atmosphere for Las Vegas and was one of the very first special events aimed at attracting tourist. Helldorado was made popular in the movies, when the 1946 Roy Rogers film Heldorado premiered. Movie censors insisted Heldorado be spelled with one "l". For Las Vegas residents, Helldorado was a source of civic pride and an annual rite of spring. Generations of school children joined the parades and floats, as they enjoyed time off from school. Ending in the mid-1990s, Helldorado was the longest running civic celebration in Las Vegas history.

Event Location: Fremont Street in Las Vegas, Nevada.