Harrah's Las Vegas

Harrah's Las Vegas
Harrahs Holiday Inn
Harrah's Towers from left to right: Carnival Tower (Valley Tower), Mardi Gras North Tower (Mountain Tower North), Mardi Gras South Tower (Mountain Tower South).
Harrahs Holiday Inn

Holiday Casino

Holiday Casino Las Vegas
The Riverboat was expanded in 1989.
Holiday Casino Las Vegas
3 story casino extension in 1986.
Holiday Casino Las Vegas
Second tower built in 1980.
Holiday Inn

The Holiday Inn Center Strip 14-story tower is built in 1970.

Holiday Casino opened on July 2, 1973.

The Holiday Inn 23-story tower is built in 1980.

The Holiday Casino is expanded in 1980.

The Holiday Casino is extended 3 stories in 1986.

The Holiday Casino is expanded in 1989.

The Holiday Inn 35-story tower is built in 1989.

The Holiday Casino and Holiday Inn renamed Harrah's Las Vegas in 1992.

The casino is expanded in 1996.

The 35-story tower is extended in 1997.

Mac King performed at Harrah's from 2000 to 2021.

The land previously occupied: Pyramids Motel, Tumbleweed Motel.

Located on an All-American Road (2000) and a Nevada Scenic Byway (1995).

Located at 3475 South Las Vegas Boulevard, Paradise, Nevada.