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Golden Goose

Golden Goose
The Vegas Vickie sign is currently located at Circa Resort &Casino. "glitter_gulch_golden_goose_1" by time anchor is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

Golden Goose
The sign is currently located at the intersection of Fremont Street and South 10th Street. "The Golden Goose was created by the YESCO sign company in 1975 on top of the Golden Goose casino at 20 Fremont Street. It remained there for 42 years until its nest was demolished in 2017 to make way for a new casino project. At that time, DTP Companies took possession of this iconic advertising piece and they pledged to put it back on public display. After an extensive restoration project in 2019, the Goose was ready to soar over Fremont Street and DTLV, once again." (Golden Goose sign marker).

Operated as Buckley's Jackpot Club (1952-1960). Became Mecca Slots (1973-1974), Golden Goose (1974-1981). Merged with Glitter Gulch (1981-1991). Became Girls of Glitter Gulch (1991-2016). Demolished in 2017.

Golden Goose associated with: Herb Pastor.

Glitter Gulch associated with: Herb Pastor.

Girls of Glitter Gulch associated with: Herb Pastor, Derek and Greg Stevens.

The land currently occupies: Circa Resort & Casino.

Was located 20 Fremont Street, Las Vegas, Nevada.