Raul Jusinto


This structure was constructed in the early 1940s. It was demolished in 2019.

Four Mile Bar

In 1942, the city of Las Vegas abolished prostitution on Block 16. Brothels moved out of the city limits and into the Four Mile Spring area. The area would later be referred to as Four Mile Park, Four Mile, and Formyle.

Eddie and Roxie Clippinger operated a brothel that was known as Roxies. In 1954, the FBI raided the brothel for violating the Mann Act of 1910 (criminalizes transporting prostitutes across state lines). Las Vegas Sun publisher, Hank Greenspun set up a sting operation that exposed corrupt Nevada public servants involved with Roxie's. The sting operation transcript can be read in the book, The Green Felt Jungle (Ovid Demaris and Ed Reid, 1963).

Was located near present-day Boulder Highway and the Flamingo Arroyo Trail in Sunrise Manor, Nevada.