Raul Jusinto

Flamingo Las Vegas

Flamingo Las Vegas

Flamingo Las Vegas

Donny and Marie Osmond
Donny and Marie Osmond opened in 2008 and ended in 2019."Donny & Marie show" by GroovyAndDreamy is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

X Burlesque
X Burlesque opened in 2002 at the Aladdin. The show relocated to the Flamingo in 2007. "Strip" by Thomas Hawk is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0.

Flamingo Gardens

Flamingo Hilton Grand Vacations Club
"On this site Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel's original Flamingo Hotel stood from December 26, 1944 until December 14, 1993." (Flamingo Hilton marker).

Flamingo Hitlon

Flamingo Hitlon

Tom Jones at the Flamingo
Tom Jones Live in Las Vegas was recorded at the Flamingo in 1969.

The Bugsy Building
This would be the last original structure from the 1946 Flamingo Hotel and Casino.

Flamingo Las Vegas

Flamingo Las Vegas

Flamingo Las Vegas

Flamingo Las Vegas

The Bugsy Building
"The hotel, which housed 77 rooms, including the notorious Mr. Siegel's “Bugsy Suite” or “Presidential Suite” as it was sometimes referred to, was unique in more way than one." (Flamingo Hilton marker).

The Bugsy Building
"The windowpanes, for instance, were bullet proof, and, although there was only one entrance to the top-floor suite, there were five possible exits. This included a hidden ladder from the hallway closet to a basement tunnel, which lead to an underground garage, where Bugsy allegedly had a chauffeured getaway car awaiting at all times." (Flamingo Hilton marker).

Flamingo Las Vegas

Aerial photograph of snow around the Flamingo Hotel, late 1940s. Sherwin Scoop Garside Collection. UNLV Libraries Special Collections & Archives. Original cropped by Raul Jusinto.

Bugsy Siegel
Benjamin "Bugsy" Siegel (1906-1947). "Mr. Siegel's preoccupation with safety and escape routes proved to be geographically misplaced. On June 20, 1947, 300 miles from Las Vegas at the Beverly Hills mansion of his girlfriend, Virginia Hill, Bugsy was killed in a hail of gunfire from unknown assailants." (Flamingo Hilton marker).

Opened as the Flamingo Hotel and Casino on December 26, 1946. Name changes: The Fabulous Flamingo (1947-1970), Flamingo Hilton (1971-1999), and Flamingo Las Vegas in 1999.

Reconstruction of the resort begins in 1968 and gradually continues until 1994 with the addition of the Flamingo Hilton Grand Vacations Club. The final remaining structure from 1946 (Oregon Suite) was demolished on December 14 1993.

Theme: Art Deco, Miami.

Flamingo Las Vegas associated with: Jan Jones Blackhurst (2014).

Flamingo Hilton associated with: Barron Hilton (1990), Dennis Gomes (2012), Wayne Newton (2000).

The Fabulous Flamingo associated with: Moe Sedway, Gus Greenbaum, Jackie Gaughan (1990), Kirk Kerkorian (1991), Fred Benninger (2004), Burton Cohen (1995), Sir Tom Jones (2003).

Flamingo Hotel and Casino associated with: Billy Wilkerson, Benjamin "Bugsy" Siegel, Del Webb (2000).

Fourth oldest casino in the Las Vegas Valley.

Third resort on the Las Vegas Strip.

Oldest resort on the Las Vegas Strip since 2007.

In 1967, Sir Tom Jones makes his Las Vegas debut at The Fabulous Flamingo.

The land previously occpuied: Rancho Aloha Motel.

Charles "Pops" Squires originally owned the acres of land the Flamingo Las Vegas occupies.

Located on an All-American Road (2000) and a Nevada Scenic Byway (1995).

Located at 3555 South Las Vegas Boulevard, Paradise, Nevada.

Denotes American Gaming Association Hall of Fame year of induction.