Desert Inn

Desert Inn
Left to right: Palms Tower, St Andrew Tower, Augusta Tower.
"Desert Inn" by Santcomm is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0.
Desert Inn Golf Course
On the left: Wimbledon Tower. On the right: The Desert Inn Golf Club opened in 1952. The land currently occupies the Wynn Golf Club.
Desert Inn
The Painted Desert Room.
Desert Inn
Desert Inn
Desert Inn

Desert Inn Golf Club

Desert Inn Golf Course
The Desert Inn Golf Club hosted the PGA Tour Tournament of Champions from 1953 to 1966.

Desert Inn opened on April 24, 1950.

Desert Inn Golf Club opened in 1952.

St Andrew Tower built in 1963.

Wimbledon Tower and Augusta Tower built in 1978.

Most of the 1950s structures are demolished by 1978.

Palms Tower built in 1997.

Desert Inn closed on August 28, 2000.

Wimbledon Tower demolished in 2001.

Augusta Tower imploded in 2001.

Desert Inn Golf Club closed in 2002.

St Andrew Tower and Palms Tower imploded in 2004.

Fifth resort on The Las Vegas Strip.

On September 13, 1951, Frank Sinatra makes his Las Vegas debut at the Desert Inn.

On July 31, 1955, while playing craps at the Desert Inn, Stardust founder Tony Cornero falls to the floor and dies.

The land currently occupies: Wynn-Encore Las Vegas.

Was located at 3145 South Las Vegas Boulevard, Paradise, Nevada.