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Davis Dam

Davis Dam

Davis Dam

Lake Mohave

National Park Service U.S. Department of the Interior Lake Mead National Recreation Area marker reads:

When the Colorado River leaves Lake Mead at Hoover Dam, it almost immediately begins to form another lake. Lake Mohave stretches 67 miles from Black Canyon, at the base of Hoover Dam, to the crest of Davis Dam, south of here [Cottonwood Cove]. From here [Cottonwood Cove] you see only a fraction of Lake Mohave.

Never wider than four miles, Lake Mohave preserves much of the look of the ancient, untamed Colorado. Steep, spectacular canyons hem the lake, and its shores offer some of the most scenic camping in Lake Mead National Recreation Area.

In some ways Davis Dam has added to the area's wild nature. Steady water levels have stabilized shoreline vegetation, and mature trees now provide nesting areas for herons and other species.

Completed in 1953. Built to re-regulate Hoover Dam releases in order to meet downstream needs and the 1944 water treaty with Mexico. The reservoir formed by the dam created Lake Mohave.

Located at Davis Dam.