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Clark County Heritage Museum

Clark County Heritage Museum

Candlelight Wedding Chapel
Candlelight Wedding Chapel. Built in 1966.

Union Pacific Boulder City Depot
Union Pacific Boulder City Depot: built in 1931. Caboose: built in 1944, Boxcar: built in 1922.

Union Pacific No 4442
Baldwin Class S-5 0-6-0 steam locomotive. Built in 1918. Was located at the razed Fantasy Park in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Last Frontier Village Sweet Shop
Last Frontier General Store. Built in the 1950s.

Railroad Cottage Historic District
Railroad Cottage. Built between 1909-1911.

Beckley House
Beckley House. Built in 1912.

Giles Barcus House
Giles/Barcus House. Built in 1924.

Goumond House
Goumond House. Built in 1935.

Basic Townsite House
Basic Townsite House. Built in 1942.

Opened as a museum in 1968; displaying the collection of Anna Roberts Parks. Was previously named Southern Nevada Museum.

Located at 1830 South Boulder Highway, Henderson, Nevada.