Raul Jusinto

Clarion Hotel and Casino

Clarion Hotel and Casino
"Clarion hotel ready for implosion...." by Greg Clarke is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0.

Greek Isles Hotel

Debbie Reynolds Casino
"Debbie Reynolds" by Snaky Soft is licensed under CC BY-SA.

Paddle Wheel Casino
"The Paddlewheel" by Snaky Soft is licensed under CC BY-SA.

Royal Inn Casino

Opened as Royal Inn (1970-1980). Became Royal American Hotel (1980-1982), Paddlewheel Hotel and Casino (1983-1993), Debbie Reynolds Hotel & Casino (1993-1996). Property purchased by World Wrestling Federation (1998). Reopens as Convention Center Drive Hotel. Became Greek Isles (2001-2009), Clarion Hotel and Casino (2009-2014). Closed on September 2, 2014. Imploded in 2015.

Debbie Reynolds Hotel & Casino associated with: Debbie Reynolds (2005).

Royal Inn associated with: Jackie Gaughan (1990), Michael Gaughan (2009).

Was located at 305 Convention Center Drive, Winchester, Nevada.

Denotes American Gaming Association Hall of Fame year of induction.