Clarion Hotel and Casino

Clarion Hotel and Casino
"Clarion hotel ready for implosion...." by Greg Clarke is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0.

Greek Isles

Greek Isles Hotel

Debbie Reynolds Hotel & Casino

Debbie Reynolds Casino
"Debbie Reynolds" by Snaky Soft is licensed under CC BY-SA.

Paddlewheel Hotel and Casino

Paddle Wheel Casino
"The Paddlewheel" by Snaky Soft is licensed under CC BY-SA.

Royal Inn

Royal Inn Casino

Royal Inn opened in 1970.

Royal Inn renamed Royal American Hotel in 1980.

Royal American Hotel renamed Paddlewheel Hotel and Casino in 1983.

Paddlewheel Hotel and Casino renamed Debbie Reynolds Hotel & Casino in 1993.

Debbie Reynolds Hotel & Casino closed in 1996.

Reopened and renamed Convention Center Drive Hotel in 2000.

Convention Center Drive Hotel renamed Greek Isles in 2001.

Greek Isles renamed Clarion Hotel and Casino in 2009.

Clarion Hotel and Casino on September 2, 2014.

Clarion Hotel and Casino imploded in 2015.

Was located at 305 Convention Center Drive, Winchester, Nevada.