Charles Arthur Hughes Home

Charles Arthur Hughes Home

"“We lived in a lumber granary and the old rock house. We traded for this lot and build a sixteen foot square room. I borrowed Jim’s team and wagon and worked at the sawmill to get lumber for our first home.” It was braced on rocks and the lumber floor lay on top of that. The walls and roof were made of 12” lumber and 6” boards were nailed over the cracks. The celling was made of factory cloth. The fireplace on the south and the chimney were adobe. All of their 13 children lived in that one room until they built the present home in front of the old house.

The new Hughes Homestead (still standing) was constructed of adobe and block made right by the home from clay they gathered from around the cemetery. They tore down the old one-room house and used the materials for the new roof."

(City of Mesquite Marker #17)

Built in 1923.

Located at 50 Hughes Avenue, Mesquite, Nevada.