Castillo del Sol

Castillo del Sol
Castillo del Sol
Pictured: Vintage Showboat and Castaways signs. The yellow seats are from the "High Roller" rollercoaster that was located at the top of the Stratosphere Las Vegas.
"Looking from above" by Bryan Allison is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.

A three house compound; one built in 1968 and the other two built in 1969.

Former Lieutenant Governor of Nevada and neurosurgeon, Dr. Lonnie Hammargren (1937-2023) moved into the compound's south house in 1971. He created the compound by purchasing the two houses north of the first house.

The compound served as storage for Hammargren's massive collection of memorabilia that he accumulated over the decades.

Became a museum known as Castillo del Sol and was opened to the public on every Nevada Day (Last Friday of October).

Located at 4318 Ridgecrest Drive, Paradise, Nevada.