Castaways Hotel & Casino

Castaways Hotel Casino
Castaways Hotel Casino
Castaways Gateway to Luck
The 1904 St. Louis Jain temple was relocated to the Jain Center of Southern California.

Sans Souci Court

San Souci Court

Mountain View Auto Court opened in the 1930s.

Became Sans Souci Court in 1939.

Demolished in 1955.

Sans Souci Hotel opened on August 21, 1955.

Sans Souci Casino opened on October 23, 1957.

Closed in 1958.

Reopened in 1960.

Closed in 1962.

Became Castaways Hotel and Casino on September 1, 1963.

Closed in 1964.

Reopened and closed in 1965.

Reopened in 1967.

Closed on July 20, 1987.

Demolished in 1987.

The land currently occupies: The Mirage.

Was located at 3320 South Las Vegas Boulevard, Paradise, Nevada.