Raul Jusinto

Carver Park

Williams Family of Carver Park
First family to move into Carver Park on October 13, 1943. Robert C. Williams, Rosie Lee Williams, Theodore, Cleopatra, Roscoe, Clarice, Yvonne. Photograph of the first family in Carver District, October 13, 1943. Henderson Public Library Collection. UNLV Libraries Special Collections & Archives.

Carver Park Elks Lodge
The Elks Lodge is the only remaining structure from the Carver Park complex.

Opened in 1943 as a segregated 324 unit housing area for black employees of Basic Magnesium Inc. Carver Park also housed black airmen from Nellis Air Force Base.

Architect: Paul R. Williams, Fellow of the American Institute of Architects.

Was located near North Boulder Highway and East Lake Mead Parkway in present-day Henderson, Nevada.