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Caesars Palace

Caesars Palace

Caesars Palace
The current porte-cochère was built in 1979 and remodeled in 2000.

Absinthe opened in 2011. "Absinthe" by Paul Hudson is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

Celine Dion
A New Day... ran from March 25, 2003 to December 15, 2007. Celine ran from March 15, 2011 to June 8, 2019. "Céline Dion 1" by marcen27 is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0.

Elton John
The Red Piano ran from February 13, 2004 to March 22, 2009. The Million Dollar Piano ran from September 28, 2011 to May 17, 2018."Elton John Million Dollar piano show at Caesar's Palace - lucky people in front rows got to go on stage " by Jim Twitchell is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

David Copperfield
David Copperfield performed for 15 years in the Circus Maximus Showroom.

The OmniMax Theatre opened in 1979 and closed in 2000. It was located where The Colosseum is currently located.

Caesars Palace
From left to right: Roman Tower (Built in 1966; renamed Julius Tower), Centurion Tower (Built in 1970; renamed Nobu Tower), Fantasy Tower (Built in 1979; renamed Forum Tower).

Jay Sarno
Jay Sarno (1922-1984). On July 21, 1984, the founder of Caesars Palace, Jay Sarno dies of a heart attack in his hotel suite at Caesars Palace. Sarno sold Caesars Palace in 1969 and Circus Circus in 1983. His 6,000 room megaresort "Grandissimo" project would never come to fruition. Photograph of Jay Sarno seated at desk, circa 1968. Jay Sarno Collection. UNLV Libraries Special Collections & Archives.

Brahma Shrine
The Brahma shrine. Installed in 1984.

Tom Jones at Caesars Palace

Frank Sinatra at Caesars Palace

Caesars Palace Sign

Evil Knievel Caesars Palace
On December 31, 1967, Evel Knievel (1938-2007) made his iconic Caesars Palace fountain jump. The landing was unsuccessful, causing him serious injury.

Caesars Palace
The Circus Maximus Showroom opened in 1966. It closed in 2000 with Steve Lawrence & Eydie Gorme (1928-2013) performing in the last show.

Caesars Palace
The land was originally leased and then later purchased from Kirk Kerkorian. The land that is the parking lot on the left side of this picture was purchased from Steve Wynn.

Opened on August 5, 1966.

Theme: Roman Empire.

Caesars Palace associated with: Jay Sarno (1989), Stanley Mallin (2019), Clifford Perlman (2007), Paul Anka (2001), Merv Griffin (2002), Sir Tom Jones (2003), Frank Sinatra (1997), Don King (2008), David Copperfield (2007), Henry Gluck (1993), Burton Cohen (1995), J. Terrence Lanni (2000), Larry Ruvo (2005), Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gorme (1999), Gary Loveman (2013), Franco Dragone (2006), Celine Dion (2013), Guy Savoy (2013), Tony A. Marnell II (1998), Jan Jones Blackhurst (2014).

Proposed casino resort on the land: Godfather.

Located on an All-American Road (2000) and a Nevada Scenic Byway (1995).

Located at 3570 South Las Vegas Boulevard, Paradise, Nevada.

Denotes American Gaming Association Hall of Fame year of induction.