Blue Angel Motel

Blue Angel Motel
"Blue Angel Motel, 1994" by Roadsidepictures is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0.
Blue Angel Motel
Blue Onion
Blue Angel Sign

"This 16-foot tall classic mid-century fiberglass and metal statue, known as the Blue Angel, is the work of local sign designer Betty Willis. Willis, (1923-2015) also designed the famous Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign.

From 1957 until 2017, the Blue Angel stoop atop a revolving 32-foot tall pole overlooking Fremont Street and Eastern Avenue, guarding the Blue Angel Motel.

The motel, which was located at 2110 Fremont Street, was closed in 2011 and demolished in 2015.

The Blue Angel remained at her post for an additional two years. The statue was generously donated to the city of Las Vegas by Mary Bartas Enterprises, the property owners of the land where the motel once stood. At that point the statue was stored by the city of Las Vegas until she was transferred to Hartlauer Signs for restoration in December 2019.

The Blue Angel was originally desigend wearing a belt wrapped around her blue dress, with a pair of white wings on her back and holding a wand in her right hand. She underwent a number of different alterations over her 60 years standing atop the motel, including the addition of a star to the end of her wand and a halo over her head. Her skin tone changed from peach to white, and her hair from blonde to gold.

The statue as you see her today has been restored to her original circa 1957 appearance, thanks to the research provided by the Las Vegas Historic Preservation Commission.

The angel's removal, restoration and re-placement in the median island at the intersection of Fremont, Eastern and Charleston Boulevard was financed primarily with funds from the Commission for the Las Vegas Centennial. The Commission funds projects that preserve, conserve, educate, commemorate and celebrate the city's history and enhance its historic preservation resources.

The Blue Angel is an iconic symbol of downtown Las Vegas and her preservation ensures that her presence can once again be felt by locals and visitors alike.

The sign is from the Blue Onion restaurant that was located adjacent to the Blue Angel Motel and operated from 1958 until the 1970s."

(Las Vegas City Council)

Was located at 2110 Fremont Street, Las Vegas, Nevada.